Gradina mea

DSC03246 DSC03247 DSC03248
DSC03249 DSC03250 DSC03251
DSC03252 DSC03226 DSC03227
DSC03228 DSC03229 DSC03230
DSC03231 DSC03232 DSC03233
DSC03234 DSC03235 DSC03236
DSC03237 DSC03238 DSC03239
DSC03240 DSC03241 DSC03242
DSC03243 DSC03244 DSC03245

Bambus, lamai, piersic, drusaim, dafin, dud, tuia, palmier, trandafir japonez, portocal, mandarin, aloe, papirus, cactus, maslin, smochin, iasomie, lavanda si alte plante si flori pe care nu le cunosc. Toate astea sunt in gradina mea de la Alger.

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