Versiunea foarte scurta a Wikipediei

Daca incerci sa cauti ceva pe internet in multe din cazuri in cautarile Google dai de Wikipedia. Iar informatia de acolo este mai mult decat suficienta sa faci un referat de cateva pagini. Daca insa vrei sa gasesti esenta, exista acum si o versiune foarte scurta a Wikipediei denumita Ten Words Wiki. Iata cateva definitii interesante gasite acolo:

  • Internet: A series of tubes filled with porn and kitten pictures
  • Mobile phone: Once for calls and texts. Now music spewing spirit level.
  • Facebook: Website where children give out personal details, a paedophiles dream.
  • Bucharest: City, unlike Budapest, it is not the capital of Hungary
  • Microsoft: Rich nerds crash your computer with their buggy operating system.
  • Yahoo: 1990’s website we used for search before we discovered Google.
  • more: Common word used to describe a greater amount of something.

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